Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Massage Omaha

Face and neck massage provides relaxation and relief. Just to get started here running the fingers up the back of the neck along the vertebrae alongside and letting the head roll side to side. With face work I don't like to use a whole lot. We're going to start by just massaging the chin, drawing it up to the ears not with a lot of pressure but enough to feel the muscles. Feel the attachments and what I'm noticing is I don't have quite enough slip. It feels a little sticky so I'm just going to apply very little amount of oil and then rub my hands together. That's going to smooth it out and make it feel not quite so rough on the face. Get into the muscles that hold the jaw in place you'll always find tension in there and working into that is a good idea. So we can move up into the cheeks eyes on knowing a lymphatic technique here we're going to actually do a little bit of manipulation on the eyes which is very very light. Then very carefully across the eyelids very gently along the eyebrow and our nice place is also in the tearing area of the eyes right along the nose. Little circular motion and of course we always do a little separation of those nasal bones. Then along the forehead to the flat muscle stretching them. You can come down into the ears and work around the ear lobe.
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