Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Massage Omaha

The area of the upper legs is an area that is often neglected in deference to the shoulders and neck. But there's a lot of tension that we can carry in our legs as well. There are some great massage techniques to relax as tight muscles in your legs. We're going to focus primarily on the upper leg and the knee. Apply a thin layer of oil onto the skin, so I'm just using some easy gliding action moving from the knee up to the hip and there's a lot of muscles that make up the upper leg.
Use of medium pressure here, not working too deeply. Just starting to make contact and get a little blood circulating through the area using the heel of the hand. Work the way up through the middle of the thigh and make gentle circles towards the outside or the inside. Outside, inside. Just gently circling and work our way up the thigh and then gently back down towards the knee. And this can be repeated in a similar way by using the broad flat part of my thumb. Again, just circling through up from the center midline of the thigh. I'm just making circles towards the outside and inside. And by using your thumbs, you'll probably start to notice and be able to identify areas where there's some tension in the thighs so you can use that information later as we work deeper into the tissue.
Another great technique used is petrissage, which is basically just a kneading action. This is quite useful for working out knotted muscle areas.
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